Drugs For The Treatment Of Parkinsons Disease Donald B. Calne

ISBN: 9783540500414

Published: July 24th 1989


599 pages


Drugs For The Treatment Of Parkinsons Disease  by  Donald B. Calne

Drugs For The Treatment Of Parkinsons Disease by Donald B. Calne
July 24th 1989 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 599 pages | ISBN: 9783540500414 | 5.32 Mb

This volume provides a comprehensive reference on drugs employed to treat Parkinsons disease. Since pharmacology is dependent upon physiology, and physiology upon anatomy, the multiauthored contents build up from all these disciplines to applied therapeutics. Our knowledge of synaptic mechanisms in the striatum is reviewed- and drugs are considered as therapeutic tools to manipulate synaptic function. Methods of evaluating treatment in Parkinsons disease are discussed in order to provide a background against which the reader can determine whether therapeutic studies are meaningful.

The volume deals with old drugs (anticholinergic agents), conventional drugs (levodopa and decarboxylase inhibitors) and new drugs (dopamine agonists). Drugs designed to modify the natural history of Parkinsons disease (antioxidants) are reviewed, and drugs employed to reduce adverse reactions are discussed (extracerebral D2 antagonists). Novel routes for administering drugs are included (parenteral infusions) and finally, current approaches to transplanting dopaminergic cells into the striatum are summarized.

This book is intended to meet the needs of physicians who treat Parkinsons disease, to assist pharmacologists who are concerned with the development of improved methods for controlling symptoms, and to stimulate those neurobiologists who have an interest in attempting to slow down the inexorable progress of the disorder.

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